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Get the best African fashion style wherever you need it, and whenever you need it.

Stay true clothing is an African clothing business based in Spruitview Johannesburg, Stay true clothing was founded by Themba Mahlangu in 2016, Stay true clothing aims to bring Africans to their roots through African fashion style.

Rooted In Africa Watch R 100 ,00

We have custom watces, a watch with your company logo or just your picture, we have all colors and sizes

Rooted in Africa T-Shirt R 140 ,00

Rooted in Africa comes in casual, formal, sports, and it also comes in different colors and size, we have round neck t-shirts and golf t-shirts available

Rooted In Africa Cap R 120 ,00

We have normal caps, straight caps and many more different designed caps at an affordable price.


Buy Rooted in Africa T-shirt and a cap and also get one free Rooted in Africa Watch

Buy a cap and get your free rooted in Africa watch for man and women availabe, all colors

Get you gift Rooted in Africa Watch valued at R 100 ,00 each .

Buy more that 10 watches and get a free delivery all over Gauteng

Get a free delivery for being a regular customer, delivery around gauteng.